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Racistsism originates mostly from artwork that comes around the early 1980s in Malaysia. It can be seen in the works of Wong Hoy Cheong, Yee I-Lann, Bayu Otomo, Ahmad Shukri, Jailani Abu Hassan, Chi Too, Sharon Chin, Chong Kim Chiew, Mun Kao, Tan Nan See, Vincent Leong and many more. Their works are more focused on racial and religious condemnation by using art as a medium as discharge space, confusion, disappointment and feelings of dissatisfaction.

This artists are also supported their efforts by gallery owner Valentine Willie who often exhibit their works at Valentine Willie Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur. Among the exhibits is an exhibition highlighting the work of Tanah Ayer: Malaysian Stories From The Land. The exhibition has received the support of Eva McGoven and Simon Soon both curator is also a rasist propaganda of fascism and wrote many of the issues in their writing.
Racistsism is not the way we should look in art forms. Art is supposed to help spread peace and knowledge not a tool to split society.
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by blackart March 16, 2013
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