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Hot ass pornstar who doesn't do anything more hardcore than oral sucking videos. She is so fucking hot!! I'm watching her right now!! Oh Damn, gotta clean the screen again.
Tom: Dude, I ran out of pornstars to look at
Me: How can you run out of pornstars to look at?
Tom: Well, for some reason, they're not exciting as they used to be
Me: Well, check out Rachel Aziani.
(5 hours later)
Me: Hey Tom, can I borrow some socks?
Tom: Trust me, you dont want to borrow any of MY socks
by Truth April 04, 2005
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Ultra-hot amateur porn star.Extremely beautiful with incredible natural breasts.
I fell in love the first time I saw Rachel Aziani,and every time after that.
by DeviatedInstinct July 04, 2006
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