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1) a term used to describe a creepy friend who knowingly makes himself the third wheel and prevents his friends from getting any ass (a cock block)

2) to mess up something important
1) My friend totally pulled a rabe on the date I had last night.

2) Dude, i totally rabed that project.
by 5 star July 10, 2008
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A beautiful woman who never ceases to amaze me. Perfect and flawless. The most kind caring and compassionate woman ever.
by BeastyGuy June 25, 2010
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to rape a girl anally and there is no chance of getting her pregnant and they cannot track you down. the female never gets a look at your face. no technically considered rape because it is rabe. a safe way to hurt girls with no consequences
BJ:last night i went to a party and got wasted
ZK:thenwhat happened
BJ:i just rabed a girl
ZK:Excellent how was it?
BJ: i did it right in front of a cop and i didnt get in trouble cause its not rape
"High 5"
by Zach and Brandon May 22, 2008
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