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Gnaphalium obtusifolium. Unmistakable by its creamy appearance in the still green background of the early fall meadows. Leaves long, elliptical and silver green colored. Plant up to one meter high. Unusual fragrance. Can be smoked for respiratory ailments or made into a relaxing tea. A common tobacco substitute used by children in rural areas. It is said to have a mild sedative effect.
Contrary to popular belief, rabbit tobacco is not marijuana.

In Cherokee medicine, it is believed that councils of animals created diseases in order to avenge the loss of their families and living spaces. The plants, being sympathetic to humans, decided to each furnish a cure for these diseases. It is believed that the spirit of the plant will tell a sick person which one to use to cure his illness.

Rabbit tobacco can be used medicinally in several ways. Smoking the leaves is good for sinusitis, head colds, and congestion. In hot teas, it is used to treat sore throats, fevers, diarrhea, colds, flu, pneumonia, asthma, and coughs, as well as a mild nerve sedative, a diuretic, and an antispasmodic.

It is know by many other names: life everlasting, sweet balsam, white balsam, sweet cudweed, cat's foot, fragrant everlasting, indian posy, etc.
My grandma told me to use this rabbit tobacco to help with my asthma.
by maclasch December 10, 2008
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a term, used mostly in the southern United States, for marijuana
We was up in the loft of the barn smokin some rabbit tobacco.
by KowboyTrav May 19, 2007
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