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1. Noun. A person who is flighty and/or paranoid and therefore can not be trusted. As in Rabbit-ass nigga.
2. Verb. The act of moving from one place to another in a quick fashion.
3. Noun. A general term for a male. Usually replacing the word nigga.
1. Nah, I'm not lending you any money. Nigga you's a rabbit.
2. I hear there's a party over at Elijah's. Let's rabbit.
3. That party sucked. There were mad rabbits and no girls.
by Jesus AKA Islamic October 10, 2006
5 11
reference to a vibrator, or "personal massager" used for sexual purposes, specifically one with multiple, or variable speeds.
I used my rabbit last night, and it left me all tingly.
by FauxHumanis January 20, 2005
629 326
Any car exceeding the speed limit, whose speed you match with your car while maintaining a reasonable distance behind them. The idea is that the rabbit will get caught in any speed trap up ahead, and you'll have time to react, slow down, and continue on your way.
"That guy's going pretty fast... I'm going to let him get a little further ahead of me, and then I'll speed up and use him as a rabbit."
by Jinkeez January 31, 2005
432 184
a furry little hopping animal (mammal) with large back legs and da CUTEST little face you ever saw! comes in a variety of colors and types, my preference being the cottontail rabbit and the snow bunny. (bunny is a little baby rabbit, so adorable and helpless)
For a pet, I picked up Snuffles, a little brown-and-black bunny rabbit.
by egduf July 31, 2005
405 205
a person who has many quick relationships. rabbits (the cute furry animal) are very horny and have many different mates. so therefore so does a person called a rabbit.
''oh my god that girl is such a rabbit. she just broke up with that dude and now she is fucking that other one.''
by harlequinxgirl June 27, 2007
181 93
a couple or two people who have sex a lot
Mike and Jessica are like rabbits!
by vanessa February 16, 2005
104 17
The cutest thing to ever live on Earth. With their big ears and fluffy tails who wouldn't fall in love with them.
snuffle snuffle munch munch yum yum

Thats the way rabbits eat!
by jack sparrow is hot January 01, 2010
86 29
Rabbits---The number one choice of bears to use to wipe their ass after taking a shit.
Hey Smokey, I need to take a shit, have you seen any rabbits?
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
142 95