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What health nuts or vegetarians eat: leafty greens and vegetables.
Can you minus the rabbit food from that sandwhich?
by Alexis October 28, 2004
Southern slang term for crack cocaine.
Lets hit the trap and cop some rabbit food.
by da bol January 12, 2008
"Rabbit Food" can be used as a slang term describing "fake weed." Hense, the name "rabbit food" is given for weeds strickingly similar physical appearance to the Timothy Hay that can be purhcased and fed to rodents. (i.e both are green, leafy, and dry)
I went to Jones (drug dealer) and I think he sold me rabbit food because I didn't get high.
by ElleSimone February 17, 2011
An excuse used by white trash when refusing to eat their vegetables. Generally quoted by people with an IQ lower than 100, and an unrefined palate.
What do you mean do I want to add side salad? I don't eat rabbit food.
by Moosir2u December 29, 2013

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