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1. One who is extremely cool. So awesome, all the ladies bow before him as their supreme overlord. Also one who dominates all competition served their way... especially when it comes to halo.
2. Proof that the defenition of Adawg is false.
Aaron: Is that rytoe?! Man! he is so damn cool! why can't i be like him?? WHY?!?! I am totally gay in comparison!! i mean LOOK at me!!

Rytoe: Shuddup Beeotch! *SMACK!*

Aaron: (rubbing face) Sorry sir! Can i shine your shoes? buy you lunch?

Rytoe: ...Both *SMACK!*

Aaron: Thankyou sir! (rubs face again)
by RYTOE November 07, 2003
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1) A most handsome and talented son belonging to a particularly "cool" mother.
2) Larry is Ryan's dad.
A mother speaking "I sure hope Sonny here grows up to be a fine 'Rytoe' and make me proud! I guess I got my work cut out for me, too!"
by Jo-mama November 08, 2003
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