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1. A large feast consisting of nothing but freshly squeezed ass biscuits, normally served in a large bowl of water
2. Krissy
Michael lifed up the toilet seat to reveal his greatest creation... the mighty TURD BANQUET!!!
by RYTOE November 07, 2003
1. One who is extremely cool. So awesome, all the ladies bow before him as their supreme overlord. Also one who dominates all competition served their way... especially when it comes to halo.
2. Proof that the defenition of Adawg is false.
Aaron: Is that rytoe?! Man! he is so damn cool! why can't i be like him?? WHY?!?! I am totally gay in comparison!! i mean LOOK at me!!

Rytoe: Shuddup Beeotch! *SMACK!*

Aaron: (rubbing face) Sorry sir! Can i shine your shoes? buy you lunch?

Rytoe: ...Both *SMACK!*

Aaron: Thankyou sir! (rubs face again)
by RYTOE November 07, 2003
The crotchular area... namely, the dudes freakin salami stick
Dude! Check it out! Ryan over here just wanged his shvang on the handlebars of his bike!!!
by RYTOE November 06, 2003
Something so totally cool and funky that its almost indescribable in words
Look at Ryan's new pimp hat!!! Damn man, that's straight FUNKADOCIOUS!!!!
by RYTOE November 06, 2003
The art of dropping the most gigantic turd you will ever see in your entire life.
1. Make a fist
2. Stare at the size of your fist
3. Get a soup can
4. Stare at the size of the soup can
5. If you drop a billy the turd will be much bigger than both the fist and the soupcan
by RYTOE November 08, 2003
Michael and Aaron's favorite scrambled late night channel. Usually in the mix is a large blanket to sit under... for "drumming"
Dude, my parents are asleep, turn it to spanktravision... and uh, pass me that blanket would ya? I gotta... practice... ...my drumming."
by RYTOE November 06, 2003
An erect man sausage thats so erect, so fast, its as if its a monkey jumping at you from within your pants
Blaze was so happy to walk in on arron taking a dump in the shower that he was totally sprung monkey all over the place!
by RYTOE November 06, 2003
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