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Remote Weapon of Idiot Destruction, an abbreviation used to describe a technical person who believes he can actually operate Servers and Storage equipment, but in reality is a complete Muppet and does not have a clue about anything computer related.
Tech Person aka RWID calls in for support,

RWID "I have a problem with my Server, the Server is not powering on when I push the power on button"
Support Person "Have you plugged in the power cable"
RWID "Of course I have... I have been a Consultant of 10 year blah blah blah"
Support Person "Ah go on just check to be sure"
RWID "Umm Okay I will check then but I know you are wrong"
10 mintues later ...
RWID "Looks like you were right I am going to hang up now"
by Metadata June 01, 2006

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