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Stands for "Ready to be Fucked". An acronym used to describe pornographic images of a model in a pose where he or she is presenting her posterior for a good fucking.
I find RTBF shots much sexier than ones where the girl is just standing there or sitting on a bed.
#doggy style #pornographic #model #ready to be fucked #slut
by Nacho_Manly July 21, 2009
"Right to be forgotten." Europe's top court now requires Google to remove links to "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" web pages about private citizens when those citizens request it. The ruling has been celebrated by privacy rights advocates.
She made an RtbF request to take down an outdated web page about her bankruptcy that happened 15 years ago.
#google #privacy #europe #web #court #ruling
by Mercury Poisoning July 09, 2014
Ready To Be Fucked
Damn that bitch is RTBF!
#fucked #rtbf #sex #bitch #rtfb
by The Anonymous Dots July 21, 2009
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