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ℛℯaℓ ℐaℓk ℬrℴ . A term that usually means 'I know what you mean' or 'That's what's up' . It could possibly mean the quote ' For Serious ' .
Example 1 : Dude 1: Bro if I could get a million bucks I would be a happy man .

Dude 2 : RTB !

Example 2 :

Dude 1 : I just totally scored with that hot chick Marissa Evans ! I wonder if I could hit it twice !

Dude 2 : RTB ! No-doubt you could hit that again !

Example 3 :

Dude 1: Aww bro I caught my girlfriend cheating on me !

Dude 2 : Dude RTB , you should have dumped that hoe the first night you caught her kissing your dad !

Dude1 : Dude ikr !
by Gumpologist April 28, 2012
Military abbreviation for: "Return to base"
"Alpha 1, BASE here, mission accomplished!"
"Roger that, RTB"
by DoctorFred February 25, 2007
Road Trip Boner...an erection men get on road trips or long flights or trains...perhaps even boats...they are unexplained and unavoidable
yo man we've only been driving for 15 minutes and i already got my first RTB
by W. Pairtree January 14, 2010
Also known as 'Return to Blockland' A Lego based online game available for free download. There is also a forum devoted to it any many other versions of it called 'BlocklandCentral'. It has many talented members that can build masterpieces of Lego and make Mods.
"Hey man, meet me on RTB tonight!"
"Yeah, I'll see ya on Maxi's server."
by Lausier October 05, 2007
Raging Turd Burglar. A term used when a camp homosexual man losses his temper.
That girl just went RTB!!
by pooftrip November 11, 2010
Return to Base
Acronym used in the army/military
Echo One Alpha, we have no visual on the target, you want us to sweep? Over.

Strike Team Boss, leave him alone, RTB. Over.
by LightSpawn March 25, 2010
RTB is an abrivation for the movie Release The Bats. Created by Peter Wentz, Fueled By Ramen, Decaydance, and Bartskull. This movie is similar to Jackass but with charcters such as Korean Tom Cruise, War Chief, Dirty, and many others.
FOB obsessed fan 1: Wanna go chill at my place and watch RTB?
FOB obsessed fan 2: HECK YES I DO! I love that Bedussey!
by chalz March 28, 2006