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Rocky Run Middle School. Founded 24 years ago from the time of this definition, it is a piece of crap. Oval shaped structure is intriguing, however overly gay.
by Eric Shi December 22, 2003
RRM is the abbreviation for Regal,Royal and Majestic, It is used when something like an item,person or any other object gives you a overpowering feeling of joy and happiness, also a feeling of that the object is cool.
Person: "Hey did you see that football game yesterday?

2nd person: "Totally it was such a RRM game"
by sexualgranolabars February 03, 2009
Abbrieviation for Ramapo Ridge Middle School. Named "Best Middle School in New Jersey" by the highest judge in the land, Brian Miller(RRMS Principal)
Miller:"... which is why RRMS is THE best middle school in ALL of New Jersey."

Teacher:"In the paper today, The had a list of the top ten schools in NJ"
Student:"Were we #1?"
*other students laugh*
"As sarcastic as that was, no."
by 2damaximilion July 10, 2008

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