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(r-p-jizzle) When you get owned so bad by a rocket in a video game that the player who shot the rocket jizzes out of excitement.
Oh man! That rocket just destroyed me! I was definitely RPGizzled.
#rpg #jizzle #owned #videogame #rape
by senor hickory December 26, 2010
1) An RPG used in COD, primarily by a noobtube lacking the skill to actually use a real weapon.
2) Also used to define the instance in COD when an underprivelaged noob uses an RPG and thinks that he is "the shit".
Andy: Wow, I just got RPGizzled by this noobtube. I think I'm gonna have to bust out my RPGizzle and shoot off in his face. No homo.
#rpgizzle #noobtube #cod #noob #bushka
by Shayizzle April 21, 2008
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