A terrorist's girlfriend, this is a weapon that shoots a grenade, perfect for obliterating a humvee. It's as if crack were a weapon, destroying everything in its path.
Terrorist 1: Which weapon, the RPG-7 or the Stinger?

Terrorist 2: The RPG-7, it's a freaking nuke launcher on crack.
by theBoy101 May 17, 2011
Top Definition
Rocket Propelled Grenade (usually referring to the launcher)(anti-tank weapon)
I shot that tank with my RPG-7
by nobody April 02, 2004
It's what the joker used to blow the hell out of the SWAT truck in The Dark Knight, not to be confused with a Bazooka.
-"but the cop in the movie called it a bazooka."

-"to bad its not a bazooka, its an RPG-7"
by Dslaughter December 11, 2008
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