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A compulsive and obsessive disorder where one is thoroughly engrossed with the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Symptoms may include singing the song on a Friday, watching the video on Youtube more than once, or putting a "like" on the song itself. Altogether dangerous and should be treated with a shot of reality that no one gives a crap about a song about a day of the week.
Guy 1: (listening to Friday on iPhone) man this is good. i love fridays even more now!

Guy 2: You need to see a doctor because I'm afraid you have Rebecca Black Disorder.
by theBoy101 May 17, 2011
A terrorist's girlfriend, this is a weapon that shoots a grenade, perfect for obliterating a humvee. It's as if crack were a weapon, destroying everything in its path.
Terrorist 1: Which weapon, the RPG-7 or the Stinger?

Terrorist 2: The RPG-7, it's a freaking nuke launcher on crack.
by theBoy101 May 17, 2011
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