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rolls off tree laughing
Instead of using ROFL, I like using ROTL, for I like to think that I am a panda.

ROTL, you are so funny!
by SporksFTW November 28, 2009
Is an accronmym for Rolling On Tits Laughing.

It's when you are on the floor laughing hard face down to the floor rolling back and forth. Laughing really hard.
Ha Ha Ha

That is so funny you should write comedies!
by HaystackBaloon April 07, 2011
An arabic unit of measure, between one and five pounds.
"I strabbed a rotl of bombs onto my chest."
by DeWayne Mann August 19, 2003
Short for "Rolling On the Toilet Laughing".
Used when texting or Facebooking from the toilet, and you don't care whether or not anyone knows you're on the toilet.
Person 1 (in a text to person 2): dude, I farted and my girlfriend threw up!
Person 2 (who is on the toilet): ROTL!!!
by ToiletTalker February 05, 2012
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