Rejects of the Campus
what do you call a nco who can't do land nav? a officer.
rotc cadet-I dont want to fight, I just want to support.
#rotc #reserved #officer #trainning #course #rejects of the campus
by scuba steve9 July 31, 2010
N, a pretty awesome class, because it's almost IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL IT, and you can pretty much talk shit to anyone while in uniform, and if they touch you, they got to deal with the school's admin and about 300 pissed off ROTC cadets
person a: so, what's going on?
person b: nothing too much, i can just forget about rotc because there's almost no way to fail that bitch, unless i tried.
by jiohn August 24, 2005
A class found in most high schools across the US. Kids often take it to get there gym credits with out going to gym. The people that usually win awards don't quit after there sophomore year. The rest of the people don't know how to march, useless/slow, and are annoying when in there uniforms.
Dear god! Look at those morons marching. The tempo is as slow as hell and there not holding nothing, but half of them are still off step. Those ROTC kids would die in a marching band.
#gym dodger #school #class #boring #tool
by HollywoodKnight October 08, 2005
Retards On The Campus found in a high school near you... like boyscouts but dont wanna do schoolwork so they wave a friggin wooden rifle around
hey im in rotc im just gonna sit here in a dirt free uniform and try to look tough and get laughed at
by jason March 19, 2005
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