To strap an animal or person to the exterior of your vehicle
Did you see those fools in Ft. Wayne who Romney'd the four kids to their hood?

My dog would shit on the roof too if I romney'd his crate to the roof of my car.
by jwfromnj May 11, 2012
Top Definition
After doing your taxes, you may find out that you've paid more than 13.9% on your income. Perhaps you paid 20, 25, or even 30%. Your income is also probably a lot less than the $42,000,000 in compensation that 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney only paid 13.9% in federal income taxes on. When you discover this, well you've been Romney'd.
You fill out a 1040 and find that you've paid the IRS an effective rate of 25% on the $50,000 in income you earned. Since your income is less than $42MM, and your tax rate is above 13.9%, you just got Romney'd.

NOTE: In order to get Romney'd, you cannot currently be a "job creator."
by LivingInLosAngeles January 26, 2012
The act of being fucked out of every penny you have and some you dont. Alternate meaning, anal dry docking.
I Romney'd the shit out of her last night.
by Gopherit July 31, 2012
When your place of work is closed because it's been sold and/or moved to a different state or country. This is common when corporate tycoons see a rate of return dip slightly. Typically the sale and/or move is followed by cashing out stocks and granting gratuitous corporate management bonuses that are briskly moved to nontaxable offshore account.
"Well, I was going to make my house payment but my job got Romney'd."
by Gacknoops July 20, 2012
Verb synonymous with "Fired"
ax, boot, can*, discharge, drop, eject, expel, give bum's rush, give marching orders, give one notice, give pink slip, give the sack, hand walking papers, kick out, lay off, let one go, oust, pink slip, sack, terminate
Please Come into my office because I have to tell you are Romneyd

I just got Romneyd now I have to look for a new job.
by GayYellowBook February 19, 2012
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