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1 definition by LivingInLosAngeles

After doing your taxes, you may find out that you've paid more than 13.9% on your income. Perhaps you paid 20, 25, or even 30%. Your income is also probably a lot less than the $42,000,000 in compensation that 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney only paid 13.9% in federal income taxes on. When you discover this, well you've been Romney'd.
You fill out a 1040 and find that you've paid the IRS an effective rate of 25% on the $50,000 in income you earned. Since your income is less than $42MM, and your tax rate is above 13.9%, you just got Romney'd.

NOTE: In order to get Romney'd, you cannot currently be a "job creator."
by LivingInLosAngeles January 26, 2012
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