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Like ROFL: Rolling On the Grass Laughing.
The hippie singed his ballsac on the grill again. It made me ROGL.
by Mike Double U August 05, 2008
1. Rolling on the ground laughing.
2. A better version of ROFL to show extreme laughter.
me: yo i'm good
willtang: ROGL
by krim January 17, 2006
It was a typo of "rofl" and was then used as rolling on guts laughing, but some people prefer using rolling on ground laughing.
Girl 1: rogl no way!
Girl 2: Rogl?
Girl 1: Whoops! I meant rofl. Ok, i'll just make up rolling on guts laughing.
Girl 2: Ew, why guts?
Girl1 : I dunno lol
by DarkWolf320 April 06, 2008
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