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Rolling On The Floor Masturbating
Dude: Shit, that guy is hot!
Guy: That's disgusting
Dude: ROFM
Guy: Get out of my house.
by Guy February 14, 2004
Roll on floor meowing. Very similar to laughing but meowing instead. Can also be used a verb; ROFMing
Guy 1: Dude... i think your cats hungry

Guy 2: Naw, hes just ROFMing
by Calvisator July 23, 2010
Rolling on floor masturbating.
I ROFMd when I saw the picture.
by CdizzIe January 30, 2008
rolling on floor masturbating; similar to ROFL (rolling on floor laughing)
Cody: that chick is hot!
Alex: i would rofm!
Cody: me too.
Alex: together.
Cody: ROFM!
by DEAFKID November 15, 2008

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