Roll On Fucking Floor Laughing. ROFL but with sarcasm or those with Tourette's
Bill: A policeman beat me up because I have Tourette's
Todd: LOL
by greyshark October 17, 2010
Top Definition
Roll on f*king floor laughing

It is a typo for ROFL. This is used when you are giving the expression, ROFL but much greater.
Ha-ha! Rofl! That is so damn funny! Rofl! Lol.
by Anonymous May 07, 2005
Rolling On the Floor fucking Loudly.

To be used between parties who are each aware of the meaning. In the case that someone sees you using it, you may claim its a typo on ROFL.
How about a ROFFL tomorrow?
by H4Inf August 30, 2003
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