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'ROFFELAWL' is a compound abbreviation, misspelling, and corruption of the abbreviations 'rofl' and 'lol,' which mean together 'rolling on the floor laughing out loud.' Seldom used, except by trolls and some anons, and others might use it as a war cry of sorts.
"The zombies are gonna get us, shit shit shit shit-"
"Run! I'll hold 'em!"
*person 1 runs*
*zombies surround person 2 as he/she raises their firearm* "RRRRROOOFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEEELLLLAAAAAWWWLLLLLLL!!!!"
*Later, person 1 thinks about how stupid person 2 was* "ROFFELAWL."
by Darth Anoniseudonym September 11, 2010
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