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Ride Me Hard Sunday - Implies that a rather enjoyable sexual excursion is imminent.
hella fine bitch: RMHS!<3
lucky bastard: Fuck yes!:D
by tchieze October 12, 2011
Raging Mega-Huge; an over-sized, excessively stiff hard on; a stiffy that exceeds average size.
Damn dude, i woke up this morning with an RMH and had to bend over weird to take a piss...
by nkbishop April 11, 2011
Richard Montgomery High School, a high school in Montgomery County, Maryland that has about 150 really smart nerds and over a thousand totally ghetto kids, half of whom can't even speak English. The 150 smart nerds should be going to Rockville HS or Magruder HS (MHS) or any of a few other nearby schools. Since RMHS was so totally ghetto, it was selected to run an IB program to suck some smart kids from the other schools into RMHS so that the RMHS would look good on the statistical reports.
I'm wearing an RMHS IB shirt so that the administrators will treat me special.
by Elthon September 17, 2007
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