Retarded Mongoloid Fuck. A name to someone who has done something completely stupid and should be slandered by this particular phrase. This is only used in EXTREME cases!
OMG Kenneth! Don't do that to Jack you RMF!!!
by NicePixels January 19, 2013
RMF is an abreviation to a spanish phrase that says "Riéndome muy Fuerte" it was invented because LOL has some time here and in spanish it almost doesn't makes any sense and sounds stupid.
-Oye man viste el último capítulo de Arby 'n' the Chief?

-RMF, jaj estubo muy cómico
by by OD Knuckles & OD-Crane April 07, 2008
A rich mother fucker. This is a individual who makes over $100,000 per year and holds substantial assets. They are also in short referred to as a "RMF". These individuals are traditionally the least charitable and the most frugal.
"Hey Jon, I am doing the personal taxes for this 'RMF', look at how much this fucking guy makes! And to boot, he only contributed $5 in donations to charity for last year! What a piece of shit!"
by Danny P T April 20, 2012

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