"Ride My Dick"
Girl: Hey, can you give me a ride to the store?
Guy: No, bitch. But you can RMD!
Girl: Okay, then you'd give me a ride after?
Guy: sureee.
by thatdudee October 01, 2011
Top Definition
Respect My Dick
1. Them hoes actin up? Tellem to RMD, they'll straighten up.

2. Fool#1: Man shut up!

Fool#2: Brah u betta RMD!

3. Shout out to "Person" for RMD!
by xDjxIconx October 12, 2011
RMDS stands for Real Men Drive Stick
Silly people drive automatic in sports cars.
Wow, that vette is an automatic? RMDS dude
by The AB January 07, 2008
"Rubbing My Dick"
Guy 1:(texting) Hey man what you doing?
Guy 2: ahh nothing, just RMD
Guy 1: hmmm tasty
by Jordan likes anal September 21, 2011
"Ruin My Day"

People use it when something/ someone does something to ruin a person's day.
Guy 1: How was your day today?
Guy 2: It sucked. Everything was going great until I went upstairs and saw that the toilet overflowed. It totally RMD..
Guy 1: Aww dude, that does suck!
by NayPenguin June 30, 2011
"Rain Man Dan" rapper straight out of the V-I-C, VICTORIA BC!
"cuz im a criminal, and my chances of survival are minimal"-RMD
by AMA123 November 24, 2006

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