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Run Like a Screaming Girl.

Originally coined by NUKLEAR-SLUG, this is a maneuver in any game that involves PvP, where the single opponent runs away like your sister did when we pulled out our dicks. If they even feel like the battle is not in their favor, they will proceed to attempt this. If you are not 100% sure of the outcome of a fight. Run first, think later. You can always come back later if you decide your odds are good. But first you need to run.

In recent studies, it has also been said that Girls do not run screaming. They tactically reposition themselves while issuing a strident call to arms to any friendlies in the area.
Watching as 45 Asmodians fly down the ridge towards me, I quietly proceeded to execute the RLSG maneuver.
by Aion Staff September 17, 2009

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