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A hoax involving Rick Astley's death.

This occurs when a celebrity dies, or when multiple celebrities die within a short period of time, and the public is still reeling over the loss. An announcement circles throughout the internet that Rick Astley, too, has met an untimely death.

More points if you get a news site to run the story (such as
Rick Astley found dead today in a Berlin Hotel Room.

I hate the RIProll.
I just got RIProll'd!
by GalacticNerdEmpress June 30, 2009
To be completely, and utterly dominated by a person, thing, or event.
Pete: aww man, my computer got hacked by some faggot
John: Damn! They rip rolled yo shit!

"Im rip rollin on you cake ass niggas"
by C-Jizzle! February 18, 2008
essentially the same as rickrolling but for clever, witty and scheming tricksters.

it requires patience and careful planning as well as stealth and cunning.

instead of tricking some fool into watching a youtube video of rick astley's 'never gonna give you up', the joker must instead find initiative ways to force foes and friends to listen to minnie ripperton's 'loving you'

invented by my brother and I as a source of extreme annoyance and numerous lols

for his birthday I made my brother a card that when opened played the entire 'loving you' song. he was then riprolled

alternatively, to riproll a large group simply request the song 'loving you' to be played at an event.

by laurner March 28, 2009
1) A straight and complete joc and/or blast of someone or something.

2) To get a score of 300 in a bowling game.
1) I'm finna riproll on all these cake ass niggas

2) Patrick Allen is riprollin
by T-rains December 10, 2007
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