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Redhead I'd Like to Fuck
Alyson Hannigan, Kate Walsh, Laura Prepon, Lindsay Lohan sometimes, The Little Mermaid...They're all bigtime RILF
by thisiswhyimhot78 March 18, 2009
Russian I would like to fuck.
He's/She's definitely a rilf!
by communist~_~ April 06, 2010
Robot I'd Like to Fuck
dude that evil terminator is a RILF fa sho
by tony July 15, 2008
resident I'd like to fuck
(spoken by a resident advisor)
Have you seen Cody in 2O? That kid is a total RILF.
by CP_RA November 16, 2009
Rat I'd like to fuck.

Like MILF, but with a rat instead.
"There's a RILF!"
by rilfy October 09, 2012
Retard I'd like to fuck.
This word is largely associated with hot girls who aren't very smart. Also can be used as the term 'bimbo'
Dude; Did you see that chick? She's a total RILF!
by sweething321 October 10, 2011
Republicans I'd like to fuck
Some people thought Sarah Palin was a RILF, but I had no interest. But Stormy Daniels who may be running against David Vitter in the Republican primary for the Louisiana Senate race in 2010 is a very Hawt RILF.
by Alobar Greywalker February 10, 2009