real. not artificial, fraudulent, illusory, or apparent. genuine.
That shit is fo' ril.
by temtone December 28, 2005
Top Definition
Slacker, stoner, or even a common day greaser.
Whoa, did you see that RIL? He was high as a kite.
by Richie Leslie June 09, 2008
Res ipsa loquitur ( latin ) meaning the "The thing itself speaks", or more commonly "The Thing Speaks for Itself".

Basically: 'nuff said.

Often used by Hunter S. Thompson to describe events in various Gonzo escapades.
"where's your other sock?"
"Vanished in the Dryer. RIL"
by mainframing May 16, 2009
Short or slang for the word "real". Mainly applies to stress the seriousness of a given situation.
"Ay man, ril talk - I can get a five spot to cop an OE?"

"Ril talk..."
"Ril shit..."
"On da ril..."
by A19283 December 03, 2008
Acronym standing for classic Cape Breton phrase, "Right in Love"
"Did you see them dancing at Smooth Hermans?"

"Yeah, they're RIL"
by tdotchickenfucker February 20, 2010
to have a penis of astonomical magnitude
"That boy's a right Ril"
by james riley November 04, 2003
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