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Rolling In Cubicle Laughing My Ass Off
<nemesissy> hey rmagdn!
<rmagdn> whatsup?
<nemesissy> not much...
<RmAgDn> cool
<nemesissy> dude, last night i came home wasted, took off my clothes & rolled into bed...
<nemesissy> ...4:30am my fuqn dog wakes me up licking my wiener while i had morning wood....
<RmAgDn> OMG!
<nemessisy> and i thought i was having a wet dream...
by RmAgDn October 08, 2005
Rolling In Chair Laughing My Ass Off
That guy wrote something stupid on the interwebs and i just started to riclmao!
by looki November 24, 2010
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