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RHH, when pertaining to boards, mean Rap/Hip-Hop. But beware, some RHH boards are absolutely ridiculous. Such is the case with the RHH board of GameFaqs, where J. Cole is considered to be better than Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco is considered to be better than Big L. Also, the board consists of 85% white dudes, but for some reason they swear they're black.
Example of an average Gfaqs RHH topic:

"Yo ninjas, yall heard dat new cole track?! G.O.A.T!!!!"
by Meekz October 21, 2011
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Rap and Hip Hop.
Used a lot on Yahoo! Answers in the Rap and Hip Hop section for questions relating to that topic. Off topic questions are posted with NRHH, for Not/Non Rap and Hip Hop.
RHH: What do you think of Eminem's new album?

NRHH: Are my shoes gangster?
by phrikhedd June 24, 2009
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one of the two high schools in rockwall texas. its where all the rich stuck up kids go. drama, drinking, and drugs make up this school. alot of fakes, wannabes, sluts, and players. guys play girls left and right. the teachers dont give a fuck what we do. ohh and theres alot of fights. alot of other schools have heard bad things about it...they are probably true.
"you go to rhhs?"
"yeah why?"
"so your a slut??"
by one of the few June 29, 2008
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Stands for Real Hip Hop. The opposite of rap, especially all the mainstream crap on the radio. Most people who listen to the radio probably have never even heard of RHH, and they usually deny the existence of a difference between RHH and rap. But anyone who actually knows anything about real music can tell you the difference between rap and RHH

Key differences between RHH and rap:

Rap is usually about rims/sex/money/cars while RHH is usually about tough times on the streets, tryin' to get by, how the man is always keepin niggas down, etc

Rap overuses autotune to appeal to twelve year old white girls, while RHH actually features gangsta beats and people with flow rapping.

Rap sucks, and RHH is awesome.

Rap artists include lil wayne, TI, T-Pain, RHH artists include Talib Kweli, Nas, Kanye West, DangerMouse, DJ Premier
conversation between Rap fan and RHH fan:

RHH fan: You listen to hip hop?

Rap fan: Yeah man.

RHH fan: What you listen to?

Rap fan: Just whatever, you know?

RHH: Like who?

Rap fan: You know, T-Pain, TI, Soulja boy. But the best is lil wayne.

RHH fan: That's not Hip Hop, that's rap.

Rap fan: Whatever dude, same thing.

RHH fan: No there is a difference. And lil wayne sucks.

Rap fan: Shut up hater lil wayne's awesome

RHH fan: Yeah right. Nas is a million times better.

Rap fan: Who?

RHH fan: Go die
by iwear5watches April 14, 2009
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Tupac and Biggie were RHH unlike the commercial garbage mainstream rappers like Lil Wayne.
by zar123344 December 06, 2008
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