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Real F*cking Quick

Lazy way of saying hurry it up.
I need that TPS report data RFQ.
by krychek February 22, 2005
Request for Quotation.
In a business setting, this means that a buyer is asking/bidding for pricing of a product (usually in business-to-business sales with large quantities).
We received an RFQ from Acme Corporation for Product X.
by shleepy87 July 23, 2010
Rapid Fire Questions.
"how are you? did you do you homework? are you eating okay? are you getting enough sleep? did you make any friends? when will you come home?"

...RFQ from mom.
by kerbz January 21, 2010
Rapid Fire Queen. A women who is capable, given proper stimulation, to orgasm many times in a short period time.
Damn girl, I am glad you are a RFQ, it makes my job so much easier. After you cum that first time I hardly have to do anything to get you to cum again, and again, and again.
by Zaria317 October 05, 2009
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