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Stands for Random Fucking Grenade. Like in COD when someone randomly throws a grenade, and it always happens to hit you.
I got hit by another fucking RFG!!
by BrokenBlackWolf July 02, 2010
removed from game. Often used in trading card games such as Mtg
I can't bring that card back itto play, its rfg
by roguewarrior November 29, 2005
Random Fat Guy (or girl)
"Hey Chad check out that RFG trying to fit in the roller coaster."
by JEHCMH May 04, 2008
The abreviation for the Red Freckle Gang.
You call yourself an RFG do you? Well, Show me your freckles!
by that1redguy July 10, 2008
Real Fun Gal (or Guy). Someone who will make the night much more interesting.
Are you inviting Shannon? Because she is a RFG!
by Crimson_Koala April 05, 2009
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