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A real fruit bat killer. Someone who kills fruit bats to protect his or her papaya crops. A gang that advocates destruction of fruit bats to protect their fruit.
Guy: Argh! fruit bats! *takes out gat and blasts bat*.
Bystander: Whoa! a RFBK!

Example 2:
Guy: Yea I paid RFBK to get rid of some of those pesky fruit bats.
Guy #2:The REAL RFBK? cuz.
by Nathaniel. April 10, 2007

A gang that came together in Chile after years of having to take fruit bats taking all their fruits.
Chillian: Fucking fruit bats! Go Away!

*Swings Broom*

Mother Chillian: Just call RFBK.

by RFBK/[AT,C] Member April 09, 2007

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