Random Fuck Bag
I like playing games with you guys because you're my friends, but I'm not going to hang out with a bunch of RFBs.
#nobody #idiot #moron #useless #random
by streep101 January 07, 2009
Top Definition
Really Fucking Bored -

1. when you're sitting on your ass during the weekend chatting online because there are no parties to go to.
2. when you just broke up with your girlfriend and you have no one to hang out with because you gave your friends up for her because she 'was worth it.'
3. when you are so depressed all you do is surf myspace for friends and wait, refreshing the page over and over to get that message you wont get.

omg i am RFB.
your RFB? dude, i haven't showered or moved from this spot for two days.
Wow, you must be RFB.
#rfb #really fucking bored #no friends #myspace #depressed
by Zach Lien November 08, 2005
Roll Fuckin Balls or Rollin Fuckin Balls.
A term used by ravers and e-tards alike to describe their experience of rolling (ingesting Ecstasy).
"Dude I took 3 mollys last night. I was RFB!"

"How was the rave?"
"Amazing, I was RFB."
#rolling #rollin #ecstasy #x #e #mdma #molly #roll
by xraverx November 15, 2009
Rat fucking Bastard
That RFB stole my car.
#bastard #asshole #son of a bitch #jerk #scum bag
by Rabbit327 January 28, 2010
A Rebel Flag Bikini. A Bikini made from the rebel flag. Usually sported by Rednecks in the South
That girl is hot in her RFB. The south shall rise again....in my pants
#redneck #hillbillie #monsters in the morning #real radio 1041 #bubba whoop ass wilson
by asfasfsdf July 22, 2009
n. - Acronym, standing for RANDOM FUCKING BONER. Used in reference to the erection one gets at the most impromtu of times, such as while sitting in a lecture about the holocaust, or while watching your sister's birth video. It never makes sense, but it happens nevertheless.
Dude, I was sitting in church during the Easter mass, and right when I went for communion, I had the world's hardest RFB! And I was wearing DRESS PANTS! ...I think Father Frank was getting an idea....
#boner #random #woody #stiffy #hard-on
by cmsjds April 27, 2006
Ready For Babies. Opposite of DTF.
When a girl reaches a certain age her lady parts take over and she becomes obsessed with reproducing.
Should be used to signal their intent on Tinder.
Careful bro that chick is rfb....
#crazy #babies #ready #tinder #dtf
by Falzeee October 27, 2014
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