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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. It is I, RBXfromdashow. This is one of my many internet aliases. I am new to the site, so do not expect a great deal of posts from me. About me. Well, my life is simple. I live in the US. I am a fanboy.
My hobbies/likes
Videogames (regardless of quality)
Music (rap, reggae, electronica, game)
Amy Jo Johnson (she's hot)
Working at a movie theatre.
Favorite quote: "There is no knowledge that is not power" (Ed Boon).

My dislikes
Pop music (you heard me, Kasey Kasem)
"Anarchists" (you posers)
Posers (no comment)
Stupid trends (like ghetto people that live in suburban or rural places)
Corny Anime (like Pokemon)
Well, thats all folks.
by RBXfromdashow June 29, 2004
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