Top Definition
To barf, to barf greatly
Man...she ralfed all over the floor.

The ralf smelt like day old rotten butt cheese.
by Bob May 07, 2004
To involuntarily puke your guts out.
He ralfed all over his shirt, but then went to the meeting anyway.
by kodokan May 09, 2008
throwing up, vomiting, regurgitating food, etc.
"he straight up ralfed all over the place"
by WAHScheer May 26, 2009
a type of laugh when you are laughing so hard that no sound comes out
i ralfed for a long time
by ali March 22, 2004
One with a 50pence shaped head.
As in - Look at that ralf there - He has a head shaped like a 50 pence
by Boomsong January 14, 2008
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