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An expression that should be used primarily on XBOX Live that will demoralize and humiliate someone that just wouldn't STFU over the Headset. should be yelled as loud as possible...almost screamed out
xktsx so n4sty: Yo, i'm a completely own you, stop playing the game you f**king mop!

Marduk: 1 on 1, lets go

xktsx so n4sty - 9kills
Marduk - 25kills


by Brandon Lee W January 13, 2006
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The single greatest victory cry to grace gaming with its presence. See below for ideal deployment. Used in order to humiliate an opponent, especially one who has been especially annoying throughout the game
pwnmaster: RAAAAAAPE!
by Jack Large January 10, 2008
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A phrase that is used by pros on xboxlive. Also, a phrase thats is used by T-Squared on Team GaG's MLG Houston video and bends his arm at a 90% angle and moves it up and down.
Tex: "Lets get T-Squared opinion on what just happened."
T-Squared: "In my opinion he just got totally fuckin raaaaaaped!"
by PYRO MANTIS June 01, 2006
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