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This is the best post-war subway car ever built in the motherfucking world.

Massive ass front window, cold A/C, fast doors, and as fast as hell.

The ENTIRE MTA management deserves to be hung from their ballsacks for retiring this brilliant piece of railcar engineering and replacing it with a shitty dried out armadillo crap called the R160.

R40 Slant can be used to describe anything awesome beyond any other possible description.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Yo man i had sex with 12 girls last night one after another!"
Person 2: "Damn son I'm jealous that was mad R40 Slant"

Example 2:

Person 1: "Dude I just won 149 Million dollars in the lottery, bought an Audi R8, and the economic crisis ended instantly!"
Person 2: "R40 Slant."
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