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R.F.I. stands for "Real Fucked Up"...

Yes, we know its not R.F.U...That's how fucked up it is!!

When you have a situation that is sooo fucked up, even the acronym has to follow suit, it's R.F.I.
Dude, I can't believe Paul did that to us AGAIN!! That's R.F.I.!!
by YOtts March 11, 2009
Request For Information
i sent the genreal contractor an rfi on plan # 32
by richdog March 30, 2005
Radio frequency interference
your house phone sounds funny while the microwave is running. this is due to RFI
by bongsong January 02, 2010
RFI = Remote File Inclusion

If a website is vunerable to RFI ( i don't say how to found this ) you can include a PHP Shell and you have root acces at webserver.

Shell (c99,r57,c100 etc.) to the Shell

by 1337_al3rt April 02, 2008
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