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Request for deletion, or R.F.D is to be left on the comment section for any and all pictures that include unflattering angles, embarrassing situations, or stupid douchebaggery on Facebook or really any other social networking site online.
"Sarah please R.F.D - I look totally fat in this photo."

"I really had a great time last night - only to wake up and go on Facebook to find this photo of me. R.F.D"
by von1945 May 24, 2009
Rabbit Fucked to Death - Often seen in the elderly as a results of RFH Rabbit Fucked Hair.
Granny passed away, RFD. If only she had gone with the blue perm as God intended.
by Accidentyl June 23, 2014
Stands for "I'm really fucking disgusted."

Obviously can be used in disgust, anger or rage.

Synonymous to "smh" and "wtf."
Person 1: Dude that kid just called you a douche.
Person 2: Wow what a chode. Rfd.
by BisonPRIDE3 March 17, 2011
Short for Reverse Flacidity Disorder, where the penis becomes smaller on erection.
e.g. Person 1 "Your boyfriend's got RFD"

Person 2 "Your mum didn't mind"
by abcdefg321 May 09, 2010
R.F.D. (Rapid fire diarrhea)One of the potentially hazardous side effects of consuming SPLENDA® based products such as diet coke and low calorie yogurt.
After consuming SPLENDA® I felt very panicky and shaky and immediately had two bouts of RFD.
by Biohazard Jim September 18, 2006
Abbreviation for Really Fucking Dumb. Best used like a trademark symbol to ridicule anything that is really fucking dumb.
A junior high school boy received a blowjob from a friend in his class, which the hystericals have labelled Sexually Harmful Behaviour<sup>RFD</sup>.
by Anonymous For This July 10, 2008
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