a dude who wants to pee in ur food. if you ever see him in real life and you have ur son or daughter with you grab them and run away because r. kelly will mistake them for a port-o-potty
r.kelly has plenty of doo doo butter for everybody
by Shamrokk August 03, 2004
Old nasty men, 20yrs of age or older, who drives around middle school campus after school, to look for pre-teens whores to pick up and have sexual intercourse for pleasure.
''R-kelly's like you desrve to go to Jail!''
by ballngm September 07, 2005
1. a well known pedophile R&B singer

2. any person that has sexual or loving interest in minors below the legal age of 18

3. a pedophile

4. one suffering fromm pedophilia
That dude right there is tryna pull an R.Kelly talkin to the 11 year-old. The dude's 28.

yo they just got Jason on a R.Kelly charge yesterday.
by Knowledge October 27, 2003
African-American male in his late 30's who (very often) haves sex with underage females. Police raided his home and found digital video tapes which were obtained by the Chicago Police Department, but they eventually got released to the public somehow and ended up being sold from the back on vans on city street corners. He is also known for his marriage to the late R&B singer, Aaliyah. They secretely married in 1994. At the time of the marriage, she was only 15. Illegal. He is now facing trial and several charges of Child Pornography have been dropped. It is a very-simple case. They have proof right in front of their faces. Obviously, Guilty.
R. Kelly having sex with a girl who is under the age of 18, is illegal.
by Courvoisier June 02, 2004
a man who simply likes younger girlz. which iz perverted but has great music.
by cory October 30, 2003
a sick man who pissed on a 14 year old chick
'i don't believe r kelly is guilty 'cause he good!' (hypothetically)
by B-Gurl Stallagtyt3 November 24, 2007
The best damn child molester since the fall of the Roman empire. It is also said by some that he "raps" this has yet to be desided in court.
Man if I could R. Kelly half as good as dat guy I wouldn't even need all this candy/puppies/neverland ranch!
by R@ygold gives you wings! April 01, 2006
A word used to describe the act of urinating or excreting feces on another human..usually of the opposite sex.
Man I was watchin this freaky porno right,and this guy did a R-Kelly all over some chick.
by Bradiesel September 08, 2006

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