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A quick (money saving) tip of the week from QCI Clean.com
Replacing every lightbulb in the average U.S. house with CFL bulbs will save $500 in energy bills. That's your QCI Clean Qwip of the week!
by QCIClean.com June 08, 2009
1.Undeniably cool


1.That party Paul threw was qwip.

2.You should come over tomarow David will be there so you know it will be qwip.

by Bedo August 15, 2007
A word the band Danger Is My Middle Name made up that has no meaning at all.
A:"I'm laughing at those qwips" (singing or talking-based on musical talents).
B:Man, Danger Is My Middle Name totally made that word up."
A:I know, right? Rediculous.
by Neon Bushes May 14, 2010