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A versatile declaration, originating in O-Hood ( Orange Street Neighborhood, New Haven, CT)

"Qwerd" has replaced "Word" which is used to convey a casual sense of agreement, affirmation, acknowledgement, or to indicate that something has impressed you favorably.

What started as a joke, turned out to become one of the most commonly used words in New Haven. Those who choose to say "qwerd" outside of NH, risk being looked at as mentally challenged.

Adding insult to injury, there are other variations of the word such as:
Person 1- " I got that fire"

Person 2- "Qwerd!"
by GhandiSays January 07, 2010
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Replaces "word" if you're super nerdy and using the qwerty or qwertz keyboard.
by ClementineCybelle December 28, 2010
Abbreviation for "awkward," as opposed to the more standard abbreviation "awk"
Alternate spellings: Kwerd, Kward
person 1: I heard about that party Saturday. where was my invite?
person 2: qwerd....
by awkwardgirl January 11, 2010
A word first used by a certain cs tutor to annoy and torment those around him. Unfortunately no one noticed.
Qwerd! Qwerd? Qwerd.
by Cliterik October 21, 2004

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