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One of a set of Quizlex
I have only one quizzle, although I wish I had a quizlex.
by Ambellina<3 November 09, 2007
One of a set of quizlix (as defined by Ryan Dunbar)
I looked up quizlix and it told me to refer to quizzles
by achew22 July 14, 2008
(v.) The name given to the act of squirting semen out one's nose during sudden laughter.
"Hey Tim, y'know how you like to make people laugh while they're drinking milk and watch it shoot out their nose?"


"Well, I met this chick from the club laugh last night, and she, well, quizzled."

by Str8P1mp1n February 07, 2010
(n) A totally cool website. "Quizzlers" refer to people who are "in the know" and plugged into said totally cool website.

(v) To use a totally cool website.

Variations of Quizzle, i.e. Quizzlicious, Quizzlating, Quiztastic, typically refer to something being downright awesome.
I Quizzled myself today and it was quizzlicious!

You're a Quizzler? Me too! We rock.
by Lil Orphan Annie September 22, 2008
quiet, shut up, shut your mouth you get the picture!
be quizzle! please be quizzle!
by Christina and Nick January 26, 2005
1.) A quiz that is a puzzle.
2.)Something teachers give because they are lazy
My lazy teacher gave us a quizzle.
by Brian Boros June 07, 2005
A bastadization of the word 'question'
Yo for Schizzle, I gots me a quizzle
by j2k November 27, 2004
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