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A person that is truly evil and likes to slaughter Jews and such, but is rather lazy and gives up on his true goals.
"Adam is such a Quitler, we were going to invade a jewish occupied country the other day and he just said 'Ah, fuck it I can't be bothered'"
by Liam of Radelaide August 28, 2006
A pathetic excuse for a professional American football player who plays in the position of quarterback. The etymology goes back to a particular individual who played for the Chicago Bears. On January 23rd, 2011 he let the entire City of Chicago down when he quit playing in the third quarter claiming his knee was too injured to continue despite walking without any limp, and moving about on the sidelines after the fact. A stroke.
Let's burn Quitler's jersey in the parking lot after the game, and I doubt Daley's goons would care.
by go home lovie January 23, 2011
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