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A constructive criticism
...quitcherbitchin and get back to work!
by FrozenSun April 10, 2004
Fast-speak for "Quit Your Bitching," commonly used in the Southern U.S.
Dude, quitcherbitchin already, I've heard it before...
#shup #bitch #whine #fuck off #complain
by joedirt09 August 21, 2009
1. For use when someone will not shut the hell up about something that has upset them. 2. A word for a husband/wife to use when he/she is tired of hearing about how bad their significant other's day was. 3. A word that can be used to end a long drawn out complaint.
Wife "I can't stand it when you watch football all day with your friends, and then you don't clean up your mess. You also....blah blah..."

Husband "Hey how about you quitcherbitchin and finish that load of laundry and do it with a smile on your face."

Girl "Can you believe he put a picture of his girlfriend up on facebook and we haven't even been broke up for a week. I just can't believe that, he told me he loved me"

Gay Friend "Quitcherbitchin"
#bitching #shut up #complaining #quiet #hush
by Gallowage January 09, 2011
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