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Idiot, Retard. Someone who makes up stories to bed young women. Over-Indulger.
Why do you believe him. Don't you know he is a Quise?
#liar #jailbait #harass #enticer #gay
by Triple Antibiotic Treatment February 04, 2010
when a girl secretly insults someone with words they don't understand like ratchet. the type of girls that do this are usually insecure and straight up bitches. They also have a tendency of lying and pretending to like people while they secretly insult you behind your back and to your face.
BULLY: Your a ratchet (hugs you)

You: Awww thanks

True Friend: Dude don't fall for it she is being a Quise.
#mean #bitchy #cruel #insensitive #bully
by 2nd best guy in the world January 23, 2013
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