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The Term Quirp, (Sometimes Spelled Kwirp) is a degrading term that is often used to isolate or embarrass someone.

Although it originates from the root "Queer," quirp does not share the modern definition of pertaining to someone or something that is "gay." Instead it draws on the original interpretation of the root which is someone who is strange, out of the ordinary, or in most cases plain stupid.

Originating at Sir Francis Drake High School it has become a popular taunt, rebuffed by the fact that not many people outside of the area know what it means.
Jordan drops his lunch on the ground.

-Rich, "Quiiiirrrppp"

-Jordan "Shut up Quirp"
by The True Admin October 23, 2012
A very sleazy pussy fart
Man I just quirped in his face.
by quirpless February 12, 2004

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